ADRY COOL HYBRID two-sided mattress

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The Adry Cool Mattress is an innovative mattress from the TED collection with a temperature-cooling feature. It turns the all-day stress and tension into a sweet and relaxed sleep.


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12 x 40.17 лв.

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Made in Bulgaria

100% handmade in BG


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ADRY COOL Hybrid - the perfect choice for your home

Mattress Adry Cool combines innovative technologies that offer two comfort options. Thanks to the 7-zoned core with 400+ springs per square meter, you'll enjoy flexible support and individual comfort for every part of the body. In addition, the high-elastic profiled foam creates a good pressure-relief layerthat is very gentle and allows for good blood circulation during sleep, without excerting pressure on the body.


The memory foam with gool gel drops on the surface has a pleasant cooling effect and helps for a truly restorative sleep. The profiling of the materials allows for excellent air ventilation that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria in the mattress. This will guarantee you a clean sleep surface and optimal temperature during sleep. The luxurious TED Balance fabric has anti-static properties and is gentle to the skin.

The Adry Cool Mattress is an excellent solution for cool nights and relaxing sleep. Its removable outer case is suitable for machine wash for easier care and maintenance.

  • multipocket spring for individual support
  • profiled foam with a massage effect
  • excellent ventilation
  • luxury textile TED Balance with anti-static effect
  • removable case, machine wash
  • orthopedic characteristics
  • anatomical properties
  • easy to carry and deliver / roll
  • made in Bulgaria
  • height 22 cm (+/- 1 cm)

Premium class TED product

Free delivery

Delivered non-rolled

10 years

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