Delivery and Returns


Important Order Information: 


1. Delivery is made only on a successfully accepted order.


2. TED BED works with courier companies Speedy and Econt.


3. Deliveries are made within 10 working days if the ordered goods are available.


4. When we ship your order to the courier company, you will automatically receive an SMS notification.


5. If the goods are unavailable, the production time is 20 working days. Our consultant will contact you to clarify the details.


6. Orders are accepted and processed every working day from 08:00 to 16:30. All orders received after 16:30 is processed the next working day.


7. On Sundays and official holidays delivery of ordered goods is not available.


8. All orders received on Saturday or Sunday are processed on Monday.


9. We are not responsible for delays in orders due to wrong personal details, bad weather and road conditions, national holidays, public holidays, or transport company strike. We hope you will be understanding and patient in cases where the delay is caused by factors beyond our control.


The products arrive delivered in one of the options listed:


Hard packing/cardboard/carton;

Soft packaging;

Relative kilograms per delivery: 0.5 kg to 90 kg.


TED accepts delivery to an address or an outdoor common entrance door in multi-family buildings.



Dear users,

Please, pay attention to points 7 (seven) and 9 (nine) of the Terms and Conditions at www.ted.bg:


7. Delivery of purchased goods

The deadline for delivery of the goods stated in the order to your home is within 15 working days after receipt of confirmation of the order, and the deadline may be extended on public holidays and/or weekends with the duration of the non-working days. In all cases a delay in the delivery is possible but you will be notified promptly about it by our associate.

The delivery of the ordered goods is carried out in the way selected by the User and according to the indicated time limits. ted.bg reserves the right to extend the said time limits, and the Users shall be informed in advance about it by an associate of TED BED EAD.

The delivery of the products ordered by ted.bg is free of charge on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, except for the cases in which the Users are informed by an associate of TED BED EAD that a change of this condition had occurred and under the special conditions described on the product page. The delivery is made to the address of the customer, and TED and the partner courier company do not undertake to transport the product to the front door (in multi-family buildings) or to bring the product into the customer's home.

ted.bg may require additional confirmation, including by phone, fax, or email of the order made. If the User refuses to provide the information required by ted.bg, the refusal for the provision automatically leads to cancellation of the order, with or without further notice to the User.

The cost of delivery is listed under the information published for the item and is calculated automatically in the value of the order.

In cases where ted.bg specifies in writing an exact date and time for delivery, this statement has a binding force. In cases of a false or incorrect address, contact person, and/or phone when filing the order, TED BED is not liable for the improper performance of the order as a result of the provision of false information by the User.

Upon handing over the goods, the User or a third party designated by him, is obliged to sign the accompanying documents. A third person is considered any person who is not a holder of the application but accepts the goods upon delivery at the address for delivery indicated by the User.


If the User cannot be found in the period of performance of the delivery at the address specified by him and/or access to the address for delivery is not granted ted.bg is released from its obligation to deliver the requested goods and the User loses his rights under the order made by him for the supply of goods.

When the delivered goods do not correspond to the stated purchase order by the User, and it can be verified in plain inspection of the delivered goods, the User has the right to ask for a replacement of the delivered product with such that corresponds to the application he has made for purchasing goods within 24 hours of notification of the such request to an associate from the Logistics Department or on tel: 070019600


ted.bg reserves the right to change the subcontractor performing the delivery without being obliged to inform the User in advance provided this does not reflect on the way and time limit of delivery.


9. Refusal of purchased goods


The User has the right to refuse and to request the return of the ordered and purchased goods within 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the goods at the address of delivery, in the event that the same are preserved with packaging undamaged (the packaging of the consignment may be opened), fully equipped and the goods are as received with the accompanying documentation (invoice and warranty card) and under the conditions set out in art. 55 of the Law on consumer protection.


  • You must fill out and submit a return application to TED at https://ted.bg/en/return.bg. An attached return receipt, the document confirming the purchase and all products must be returned together. Without these documents, returned goods will be sent back to the sender. The amount will be confirmed after checking the returned shipment.

  • The customer can use the products only to establish their nature, characteristics, and proper functioning

  • If the team of ted.bg finds damage and a decrease in the value of products such as pollution, damage, etc., there will be a partial refund of the amounts, depending on the damage. We suggest customers to use the available option to return the goods by courier and use an insurance option. The period of refusal is 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.


To exercise the right of refusal, you must inform us of your name, address, and telephone number, and of your decision to opt out of the contract with a letter sent by regular mail. The courier shipment back to the factory is at the expense of the customer. You can use a standard form of refusal and if you would like to obtain one, write to [email protected], but this is not obligatory.


To keep the deadline for refusal stated in the contract, it is sufficient to send your message for exercising the right of refusal before the expiry of the time limit for refusal under the contract.

* Exceptions from the right of withdrawal are possible when the customer has ordered an individual or specially designed purchase of products that are not part of the TED BED EAD standard product portfolio.

These products may include:

  • one or double-sided mattresses with non-standard size;

  • mattress frames with non-standard size;

  • beds with non-standard size;

  • other products that can be ordered in a non-standard size.