You have the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt

The deadline for delivery of the ordered goods to your home is within 20 working days after receiving confirmation of the order, and the deadline may be extended on public holidays and / or weekends with the deadline for non-working days. In all cases, there may be a delay in the specified delivery times, which you will be notified in a timely manner by our associate.

The delivery of the ordered goods is made in the way chosen by the User and according to the specified deadlines. www.ted.bg reserves the right to extend the specified deadlines, as the Users are informed in advance by an employee of TED BED EAD. Delivery of products ordered by www.ted.bg is free of charge for orders over BGN 50 and in the amount of BGN 5 for orders under BGN 50, if it is made on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, except in cases , in which the Users have been notified by an employee of TED BED EAD about a change in this condition or under the described special conditions on the product page. Delivery is made to the customer's address, and TED and the partner courier company do not undertake to transport the product to the front door (in multi-family buildings) or to bring the product to the customer's home. Www.ted.bg may request additional confirmation , including by phone, fax, e-mail of the order.

In case that the User refuses to provide the information required by www.ted.bg, the refusal by it self lead to automaticall cancellation of the order with or without additional notice to the User. The costs has been calculated automatically in the value of the order. www.ted.bg is not responsible for delay in case the delay is due to the fault of the courier performing the delivery and / or due to circumstances beyond www.ted.bg. When the order goods has been delivered, the goods should be carefully inspected by the User and / or a person authorized by him. In case of external visible defects - during the inspection any damage, shocks and other damages found during delivery, the User should sign a report for damages in the presence of the courier immediately and notify an employee of the Logistics Department tel .: 070019600.

Upon acceptance of the shipment by the User without comments/remarks, all and any claims for external visible defects are unreasonable and as such one should not be satisfied. In case a protocol for damages is not prepared and signed in the presence of the courier upon receipt of the shipment and / or an associate from the Logistics Department of TED BED EAD is not immediately notified,

The user loses the right to bring the identified external visible defects in accordance with the sales contract. In cases where www.ted.bg has set in writing specific dates and times for delivery, the statement is binding. In case of incorrect or wrong address, contact person and / or telephone number when submitting the application, TED BED is not responsible for incorrect execution of the order due to incorrect information submitted by the User. Upon delivery of the goods, the User or a third party designated by him are obliged to sign the accompanying documents. A third party is considered to be any person who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods upon delivery to the delivery address specified by the User. In case the User is not found within the deadline for delivery to the address specified by him and / or access to the delivery address is not provided, www.ted.bg is released from its obligation to deliver the ordered goods and the User loses his rights on his order for delivery of goods.

When the delivered goods clearly do not correspond to the ones ordered for purchase by the User and this can be established during a simple inspection of the delivered goods, the User has the right to request that the delivered goods be replaced with the one corresponding to his application for purchase of goods. 24 hours from the notification of such request to an employee of the Logistics Department or by phone: 070019600. www.ted.bg reserves the right to change the subcontractor performing the delivery without having to inform the User in advance, as long as this does not reflect the manner and the term of delivery.www.ted.bg makes deliveries by courier / s, both on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

*Exceptions from the right of withdrawal are possible when the customer has ordered an individual or specially designed purchase of products which are not part of the TED BED EAD standard product portfolio.
These products may include:

  • one or double sided mattresses with non-standard size; 
  • mattress frames with non-standard size; 
  • beds with non-standard size; 
  • other products that can be ordered with a non-standard size.