100 Nights Trial

100 Nights Trial

Dear Customers,


Use the moment to make sure that high quality is at a fair price and provides unparalleled comfort. The Nord Star, Nuvola, Matterra and Duetto mattresses from our portfolio offer the "100-night test" service as a compliment. With it, you can buy a mattress, use it, and if you are not satisfied with its comfort, return it, and the order amount will be refunded. For the non-standard sizes of the Nord Star, Nuvola, Matterra and Duetto models, and when purchasing a lease, the "100-night test" service is unavailable.


Six models from our portfolio offer as a compliment - the service "100 test nights". With it you can buy a mattress, use it and if you are not satisfied with its comfort to return it, the amount of the order will be refunded.


100 NIGHTS TEST PERIOD Conditions for return

TED BED EAD offers a 100-night test period only for the mattresses mentioned in the product list on the site.

  • If desired, after purchasing one of the models of mattresses, the CLIENT has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason, and without paying compensation. In order to exercise his right of withdrawal, the User must unambiguously notify TED-BED EAD of its decision to withdraw from the contract and fill out an online return form, available at ted.bg, at the following link https: / /ted.bg/return. Before filling in the electronic form with which to request a return for a reason of 100 nights test, the CLIENT must fill in the form for warranty service, located at https://ted.bg/warranty and the return must be approved.

Dear customers, please note the following:

If you want to use the 100-night test option, be extremely careful with the products and keep them because you do not actually use them as your property. Products returned from 100 test nights that do not meet the conditions described below will be returned to the customer and the test period will be considered an invalid option in cases where any of the described requirements are missing.

  • Only mattresses in good commercial condition can be returned, without visible signs of wear and staining.
  • The mattresses are returned ONLY in the original plastic packaging + the accompanying transport bag, in cases where the mattress is sold with one, and with a warranty card attached.
  • Mattresses are approved for return of 100 nights test period after 5 photos sent by e-mail, which must be clear and the product must be photographed from all sides. You attach the photos in the form for warranty service https://ted.bg/warranty If upon receipt of the product, the team of ted.bg finds damage to the mattress, there is a partial refund of the amounts paid. In this regard, we advise customers to return the goods by courier, taking advantage of the option to insure the product.
  • The customer bears all transport costs for the return of the product, which include on-site inspection and transport to the warehouse of ted.bg
  • If an order for a product with a valid test period of 100 nights was accompanied by a gift, then when returning the product after the test period, the value of the gift is deducted from the refund amount.
  • The 100-night test period starts from the moment the mattress is delivered