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SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress on beautiful bed SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress

- 20%


SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress

331,00 BGN

Price of:264,80 BGN

or 44 BGN. month

19 cm еднолицев




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TED is where you can always find mattresses and top mattresses to sleep on repeatedly. Choose from a variety of single- or double-sided mattresses made of memory foam, polyurethane foam, spring system, bonel. We also offer a combination of different types of materials, the so-called hybrid mattresses. If you have problems with your back or lower back, they look forward to orthopedic mattress models that help support the body in a stable manner and align the spine. Sleep comfortably in an upright position throughout the night. Orthopedic mattresses are registered by the Bulgarian Medicines Agency, they help people with greater weight and back pain. Top mattress TED - the sensible choice on a limited budget. Top mattresses are a great solution for renewing an old mattress or sofa. We offer top mattresses made of memory foam, polyurethane foam, or cooling gel capsules. Gel capsules are a great choice for body regulation as the gel improves air circulation without trapping it in the mattress. Don't forget to maintain your mattress, turn it or rotate it regularly. It is so easy. You deserve the best, get it with TED mattresses.