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TOP i-Springs mattress topper

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Unique for the Bulgarian market hybrid top nano-spring mattress that adjusts the comfort of each bed, adapting adequately to different shapes, pressures or movements. So far, nonprofits can only be found in the highest grade mattresses as an add-on in the top layer, where a delicate support and surface is needed. Now with the top i-Springs, everyone can tangibly improve the feel of their mattress and achieve the comfort of premium sleeping products.

The innovative system of maintenance from tiny, extremely gentle and elastic nanoparticles completely accepts the body contour and ensures the correct positioning of the head, back and pelvis. High-elastic HR foam on both sides adds stability and ergonomics to the support, allowing the body to take a natural position without to feel tension or resistance during sleep. Muscle is totally relaxed, and the body enjoys a continuous and restorative sleep. Top mattress i-Springs is a magnificent addition to any mattress and will transform even the awkward bed into a corner of comfort and relaxation. View more

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Description of the product

Materials: Nano-Springs, HR  foam, cover case with zipper from high quality TED Balance textile (2.9%BAMBOO/26.4%COT/70.7%PES), polyester fibers, nonwoven texti;

Height: 7 cm

Care: Защита /гладене/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /избелване/ - Не се препоръчва избелване. Защита /изпиране/ - В автоматична пералня до 30°C. Защита /сушене/ - Почистващ препарат за матраци.
i-Springs Super Comfort i-Springs Super Comfort
TED Balance anti-static textile TED Balance anti-static textile
Zipped case Zipped case
HR foam HR foam
2 years 2 years
Buy on leasing
Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order

Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order


Delivery for all products outside the BEDs category - 15 working days.

Delivery of bed - 30 working days / made specifically for the client upon request /.

Supply of hotel furniture - by an individual offer. 

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