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SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress

- 20%


SILVER EXCLUSIVE one-sided mattress

331,00 BGN

Price of:264,80 BGN

or 44 BGN. month

19 cm еднолицев




Mattress size:

Mattress Height:

19 cm.

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TED is always in tune with you. To welcome the morning with a smile - this is our main priority and our driving force. Here you can find our current offers of mattresses and top mattresses. We offer single-sided, double-sided and orthopedic mattresses. Choose the appropriate size single or double TED brand mattress and choose the technology you prefer: foam, spring and hybrid mattresses. For our collection of top mattresses, we have used materials such as memory foam, polyurethane foam, or cooling gel capsules. WE PROVIDE YOU: ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT - for stable support and correct alignment of the spine, which is a guarantee of correct positioning of the body during sleep. ANATOMICAL SUPPORT – adapts to the natural shapes of the body and combats tension in the lumbar region. ERGONOMICS - with the presence of two sides of comfort, you have the option of choosing firmness according to your preferences.