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ARMIDA one-sided mattress

Price of: BGN 413.00

or 69 BGN. month

20 cm еднолицев




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TED has been awarded the QUDAL MEDAL as the highest-quality brand for mattresses

The QUDAL Gold Medal is a huge honor for us and is awarded by ICERTIAS - an international product research organization in more than 40 countries worldwide. Bulgarian consumers rated the highest quality of the products. Customer opinion is important and valuable, and the award shows our common values, which we strive to continuously improve: quality, value, and reliability. Invest in the peaceful and relaxing vacation you deserve. TED is always in tune with you TED mattresses have proven over the years to be a favorite of consumers and preferred by them because of their unique comfort and quality. Starting your day with a smile is our top priority. That is why we constantly look forward to improving our products and production facilities. A good mattress has its formula: it needs an excellent core, carefully selected layers, a comfortable surface, and an elegant appearance. A good mattress is tailored to your individual needs and anatomical features. We offer one-sided and double-sided mattresses in different sizes and three technologies: Foam mattresses, Spring mattresses, and Hybrid models combining the first two technologies. We use different technologies and materials: multi-pocket, micro-pocket, Nanosprings, Bonnel, memory foam, polyurethane, High Resilient Foam, Latex, Zeofoam, Ambrafoam, Cool gel, Aqua Memory, Nero Pur, Coconut, cotton, wool, bamboo, because always strive to follow the latest standards. Choose a quality mattress for your healthy sleep. Choose a quality mattress for your healthy sleep.