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Lavender Duo one-sided mattress /lavender duo/

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Lavender Duo one-sided mattress is a product for sleep with lavender scent and perfect dynamic maintenance, ensured by the I-Super Comfort technology. Suitable for cabin bedrooms.

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12 x 46.09 лв.
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Description of the product

Lavender Duo one-sided mattress is a model by TED, which will not only ensure you sweet dreams, but will also embrace you with luxury, with the help of its revolutionary damask with nanocapsules, releasing a delicate lavender scent, which healing properties have been known for centuries! Lavender is a natural painkiller, healing migraines, headaches, toothaches or different wounds on the body. The aroma of the plant calms the mind and the senses, relaxes the muscles and eliminates stress, predisposing the organism to an easier falling asleep hence it is a good solution when fighting insomnia. The nanocapsules in the damask are extremely gentle to the skin, helping its regeneration. Lavender has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, effortlessly drives away microorganisms and pests. The core of Lavender Due one-sided mattress consists of an orthopedic multi pocket system, shaping the most suitable position for the spine and provides many independent support points. An additional feeling of luxury is created by the high-quality memory foam, which shapes according to the curves of the body and helps for a maximum relaxation. The damask of the model is made of high-quality cotton material, consisting nanocapsules releasing scent when touched. With the Lavender Duo one-sided mattress healthy sleep and happy waking up are guaranteed!

Advantages of Lavender DUo mattress:

  • Мultі росkеt ѕрrіng ѕуѕtеm (408 pcs./m2) – springs, individually packed in pockets of non-woven textile, providing stability and orthopedics
  • 2.5 cm. Memory foam - heat-sensitive material, creating a unique feeling
  • Highly elastic foam for maximum comfort
  • Durable built-in frame of natural wooden material
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic
  • Aroma with a calming effect
  • Height: 21 cm. +-1 cm.
Care: Защита /гладене/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /избелване/ - Не се препоръчва избелване. Защита /изпиране/ - Не се препоръчва. Protection /others/ - No. Защита /сушене/ - No.
Micro pocket Micro pocket
PU foam PU foam
Lavender textile Lavender textile
Memory Foam Memory Foam
i-Springs Super Comfort i-Springs Super Comfort
5 years 5 years
Buy on leasing
Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order

Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order


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