Product claim

Dear customer, here you can enter your product claim. Please, keep in mind :

Products of custom size are serviced by repair. Conditions for repairs are valid only on the territory of Bulgaria.

Warranty covered elements: Mattress spring system – loosen, broken or visible springs protruding into the textile surface• Breaking or splitting of the wooden elements of the mattress/foundation due to a poor quality of the material or product technology• Defective or missing supporting elements/legs Sagging in the casing of the mattress/foundation greater than 3 cm.• Sagging of the top mattress core greater than 1 cm• Deviation from the size of the mattress, top mattress or foundation by length and width greater than ± 2 cm and by a height greater than ± 1, consistent with the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1334.

Warranty excluded elements: Sagging in the mattress casing less than 3 cm, sinking of the top mattress core less than 1 cm. Damage to the mattress as a result of using unsuitable bases or mattress system and improper handling. Preference for comfort, softness and hardness. Stains from dirt or burning. Textile and fabric fraying. Mattress handles, board aerators. Presence of mold and mildew on the product due to high humidity in the rooms of use or using appliances emitting moisture in the space of use of the mattress, top mattress or foundation and the appearance of mold and mildew three months after the date of purchase. Mattress, top mattress or base of the wrong size or model unpacked due to customer’s fault is not subject to replacement. The manufacturer shall not bear responsibilities concerning user’s physical health. The natural variation in the hardness degree and recovery time, resulting from continuous use. This change does not affect the quality of the mattress, top mattress or foundation, and its functionality. Failure to comply with the operating and maintenance instructions of the respective mattress, top mattress or foundation described in the warranty certificate. Warranty shall not be valid when the product is not in perfect hygienic condition or has physical discrepancies that result from improper use of the product as per the maintenance instructions. When the customer does not provide a copy of the invoice, warranty certificate and receipt note with the date of sale. In cases where the mattress or the top mattress is not protected by a cover or protector to prevent its damage or pollution. If the product is not protected, the seller may refuse the customer’s request for replacement or repair.

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