Adry Cool mattress topper -50%

Adry Cool mattress topper

The Adry Cool mattress topper takes care of the balanced and cool temperature in the bed, which is a prerequisite for achieving a deep and uninterrupted sleep. The bottom of the top mat is made of a special anti-slip fabric that provides stability in the base and prevents slipping. The core of the mattress top Adry Cool Special is a double layer - a layer of polyurethane foam and a layer of memory foam, which is enriched with capsules cooling gel. A truly comfortable and stable solution that does not carry your movements and even your partner turns around, you will sleep calmly and steadily. Throughout the structure, there are ventilation ducts that provide access to fresh air and create a sense of sea breeze throughout the night, caressing the body and bringing coolness. Topper is dressed in a high-quality textile that evaporates moisture, has a breathing function and anti-static action.

Regular Price: BGN198.00

Special Price BGN99.00

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Canella Therapy mattress topper само онлайн -60%

Canella Therapy mattress topper

Canella Therapy top mattress has the favorite canella scent. The core is made of highly comfortable polyurethane foam infused with canella extract. A breathing cell texture on the surface ventilates the structure and prevents against bacteria while the memory down plush cover makes the topper large, soft and extremely comfortable.

Regular Price: BGN196.00

Special Price BGN78.40

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Goose Down mattress topper -70%

Goose Down mattress topper

  • Exclusive product that will make every bed a cradle of luxury, coziness and comfort
  • Indulge your senses in a true 5-star comfort
  • Filling of soft, fine and light goose down and feather, which embraces the body as a cloud - 1400 g / sq.m.
  • Naturally durable material that does not deform over time
  • Characteristic for their property of insulating and retaining heat without making you sweat
  • High quality cotton fabric (100%)
  • In a textile pack / bag

Regular Price: BGN172.90

Special Price BGN51.87

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Топ матрак Термофлекс OUTLET - 70% -60%

Топ матрак Термофлекс

Качествени продукти на специални аутлет цени. Намерете разнообразие от модели, размери, цветове и дамаски. Възползвайте се да закупите на изключително атрактивни цени единични бройки - специални разработки за износ и ключови клиенти.

Топ матракът Термофлекс е направен от мека, комфортна пяна, обвита с обемна прошивка от мемори пух. Частиците мемори намаляват съпротивлението и се грижат за пълен релакс на тялото.

Regular Price: BGN159.90

Special Price BGN63.96

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Respira top mattress -15% New

Respira top mattress

Respira top mattress is the shortest way to blissful and undisturbed sleep.

Regular Price: BGN293.00

Special Price BGN249.05

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Trilogy top mattress -10% New

Trilogy top mattress

Trilogy top mattress is an innovative product with an ergonomic design, aiming to provide you with a balanced and peaceful sleep.

Regular Price: BGN139.00

Special Price BGN125.10

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Waterproof Fitted Sheet Трайно ниски цени! -30%

Waterproof Fitted Sheet

Protects the surface of the mattress from staining or wear and tear. The high-quality cotton fabric is soft and gentle in touch. Easy to fit on thanks to the elastic rim which also keeps the sheet in place.

Regular Price: BGN30.00

Special Price BGN21.00

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Argan Deluxe Aero Memory pillow -50% New

Argan Deluxe Aero Memory pillow

We present to you an innovative solution for your peaceful and healthy sleep. The Argan Deluxe Aero Memory pillow is specially designed with new generation memory foam, treated with argan oil and soothing aroma...

Regular Price: BGN76.00

Special Price BGN38.00

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Comfort Supreme Bed Base with 4 drawers Намерете във фирмени магазини! -25%

Comfort Supreme Bed Base with 4 drawers

Intransient and exquisite style. With a typically British look and clad entirely in woven textile, by choice, the Comfort Supreme Bed is a good accent in any bedroom interior. The panel board with beautiful and romantic design renders an even more sophisticated appearance of the model. The solid base has four built-in side drawers and is suitable for all types of dual-face mattresses.

Regular Price: BGN886.00

Special Price BGN664.50

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Stilo bed / Stilo -20% New

Stilo bed / Stilo

A bed with clean lines, storage space and an interesting headboard

Regular Price: BGN2,011.00

Special Price BGN1,608.80

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