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Sleep Genesis presents: Flex Fusion two-sided mattress

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Sleep Genesis sleep products collection is a new development by TED, which is focused on the needs of modern man. Sleep Genesis offers lightweight constructions, modern designs and through the achieved weightlessness effect it takes you to where sleep is born.

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12 x 63.78 лв.
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Description of the product

The hybrid construction of the Flex Fusion mattress shows that body balance is guaranteed. The surface layers are gentle and elastic, and through the enforced core of the mattress stable and well distinctive support is achieved. The core is formed in different zones, providing anatomic comfort.

  • 3-layer core of Body Soft, Body Comfort and HR foam with good elasticity
  • 2 sides with different profiles and feelings
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Removable case, suitable for machine washing
  • 0 GRAVITY effect - a feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation of the body
  • Level of hardness: H2/H4 comfortable to hard
  • 26 cm. height +- 1 cm.
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • 10 years warranty

Care: Защита /гладене/ - Не се препоръчва. Защита /избелване/ - Не се препоръчва избелване. Защита /изпиране/ - В автоматична пералня до 30°C. Protection /others/ - No. Защита /сушене/ - No.
Elastic Foam Elastic Foam
0 Gravity effect 0 Gravity effect
CertiPUR CertiPUR
Sleep Genesis калъф с цип Sleep Genesis калъф с цип
10 years 10 years
Buy on leasing
Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order

Buy on leasing

* The number of repayment installments is selected on completion of the order


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