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TED BED EAD company - with the most successful project targeted to unemployed at risk


Twenty-five EC European Social Fund’s (ESF) managers visited TED BED EAD company founded in Plovdiv to be first-hand acquainted with one of the most successfully implemented projects for attracting new staff among unemployed people being at risk. From 1st September 2016 to 28th February 2018 the company wanted, persuaded and trained 10 unemployed within 10 months period. Each of them had any difficulties in finding and retaining a job. During the meeting with the company’s managers, the EC ESF’s representative had a question related to the future of these trained workers, namely, how many of them had already been appointed as permanent employees. The positive answer was that 70% of the trained people have already been employed by the company instead of the guaranteed minimum 50% sustainable employment under the project. According to the ESF’s representatives, it is a quite good result even for EC.

             = The project in figures =

  • TED BED EAD company fulfilled the project “NEW WORKPLACES IN TED BED EAD“ BG05M9OP001-1.003-1382-C01,  financed by Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2014 –2020. The company receives a grant under the BG05M9OP001-1.003-1382 contract. The total budget of the project amounts to BGN 84 994.00 of which BGN 57 795.92 is European funding and BGN 10 199.28 – national co-financing.
  • TED BED EAD has employed 10 unemployed and/or inactive people for the following positions: upholsterers – 6 people for the period of 12 months, machine operators for mattress manufacturing –3 people for the period of 12 months, a forklift operator – 1 person for the period of 4 months. Seven of the trained people have been appointed as permanent employees at TED BED EAD

           = The project is not only figures =

The mentioned above is the reason why twenty-five EC European Social Fund’s (ESF) representatives visited the company and were convinced in the existing of a realized practice of people with severe social problems integration. “The project brought us an additional effect and experience which will improve our future activity, because in the next 4 -5 years our company will probably grow by another 20-30 % not only in the volume of production, investments and financial results but in our working team’s size as well.  TED BED EAD currently employs 415 people and we are aware that we have to attract more people to implement our business plans. We realize the fact that we have to make more effort to find, train and attract new staff to our company. Although we offer excellent working and social environment in our enterprise and attractive salaries, we remember we have to compete for the new workers with many other companies from the most developed industrial region in Bulgaria – Plovdiv region. The goal of our company is to realize the investment policy to improve the working environment for TED BED EAD employees. It will increase their motivation and labor productivity making the company a competitive and preferred employer in the region.“, says Mr. Peter Payakov, the company’s chief operating officer.

             = Dynamics under control =

For a little more than 20 years after its establishment, TED BED EAD company achieved аn extremely high pose in its development. At the beginning, the company started its activity as a family business with only 2-3 workers. At the moment their number is over 415. While the first production premises had an area of about 100 m2, today the production and logistics are becoming spread across over 30 000 m2.  First, the mattresses were manufactured by using 2-3 standard sewing machines while the equipment that the company currently use has been designed and produced especially for its needs. For good results in 2017, the company was deservedly awarded first prize for Corporate and Social Responsible Enterprise by Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry. In 2018 the company became one of the world’s largest mattress manufacturers. During the period 2008 – 2017 TED BED EAD invested over BGN 34 million in production, logistics, process management and construction. Almost BGN 9.9 million of these funds were financed under the European defense industrial development programme. TED BED EAD became the first Bulgarian company which financed the dual education of the graduates of secondary education at Plovdiv professional gymnasiums with its own funds.


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