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TED-BED invests in young people


TED celebrates the First Day at School together with the Professional High School of Interior Architecture and Carpentry "Hristo Botev", Plovdiv. As a result of their long-term partnership, in 2016 TED BED launched a project for a dual education aiming to support young people to learn a profession in a real work environment.

Dual education is particularly popular abroad. It gives the students experience in a real work environment and at the same time provides the economy with ready-made staff for different professional fields. In the Western countries, most teenagers are already skilled in certain area before moving to higher education. Many of them dedicate themselves to the desired profession, specialize and subsequently become demanded and highly paid specialists, able to work in or out of their countries. And those who continue their education in university, have an enriched common culture and acquired knowledge from the real business, which helps them to understand the subject in much more detail. Graduate students with diploma who already have a profession gained in their high-school years are performing more efficiently and successfully than others because they have already saved a lot of time in the previous years. Some of them start their own business or become excellent managers in manufacturing companies and are respected by all employees because they know the real work in depth. They can give valuable advice in critical situations and take reasonable and wise decisions, simply because they have encountered many of the problem cases back in the time, as they still were just students.

TED BED looks strategically ahead and is a company willing to give young people a chance and also to prepare staff for a more successful and more efficient Bulgarian economy. That is why TED BED became the first Bulgarian company to fully fund the project of dual training together with a Bulgarian vocational high school. During the school year 2018/2019 the first group from the project, now in the 11th grade will start their real work experience in the manufacture. Good Luck!

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