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The right mattress for back pain, Part III


Continued from Part I  and Part II

 Frequently Asked Questions about memory foam, a basic material for creating more comfort and softness.

 Will I get very warm with memory foam?

Memory foam is one of the few sleeping surfaces that fully fir the natural curves of your body. But does this benefit have any disadvantage?

You may have heard that memory foam mattresses can preserve heat and get very warm at night. So, although your back does not hurt, there is still some inconvenience. This makes the whole idea meaningless, is not it?

It is true that some mattresses with memory foam have poor internal structure, consisting of many synthetic materials and a small flow of air to the core. This combined with a low-quality fabric can lead to a sense of heating during sleep. But when the mattress is made by professionals who combine the presence of memory foam layers with excellent ventilation and high-quality fabric with a high content of natural fibers (for example, cotton or bamboo threads), then the heating effect is removed and only the pleasure of the gentle memory comfort is left for the sleeper. 

The best mattress for back pain should be soft, medium or hard?

Perhaps none or a combination of two? It has long been considered that a hard bed is the best choice for people who suffer from back pain. This is a long debate between orthopedists and chiropractors. Orthopedics recommend hard mattresses, while chiropractors recommend medium-hard mattresses. In fact, about 75% of orthopedic surgeons recommend hard mattresses to their patients. Based on expert recommendations, TED has developed a mattress with orthopedic hardness – Astrea.

But there are studies that support the beliefs of the chiropractors that the hard mattress may not be the best choice.

Research has shown that the medium-hard mattress is most effective at reducing clinically diagnosed back, shoulder and spine pain. Patients sleeping on medium-hard mattresses generally had better sleep quality and fewer disturbances throughout the night. Another study showed that sleepers reported less pain on a medium-hard bed compared to a hard bed. Evidence leads experts to conclude that medium-hard mattresses are better than firm ones to alleviate chronic discomfort in the back. Mattresses from TED's portfolio are presumably medium-hard.

Still, everything is based on personal preferences. Which is the better choice for you, a medium-hard or a hard mattress? Here's an easy way to see how you'll feel if you're sleeping on a very hard mattress: Put a plywood under the mattress or put the mattress on the floor for the night. Both approaches will make your bed less soft, which will give you a good approximation of what a firm mattress feels like. Ultimately, it is important what works best for your body and the way you sleep. If your back is a problem, medium-hard mattresses are often a good starting point. But you may have to try several different options to find the right mattress for you.

Can a top mattress help?

Of course, buying a new mattress is a big investment. But if you are not ready for a big purchase at the moment, is there another way to improve your bed to make it more comfortable?

Top mattress is the answer you are looking for.

Many chiropractors believe that if the mattress is not made of layers with memory foam or it is very hard, the best thing is to put a top mattress with memory foam on the surface of your current mattress. See suggestions for top mattresses with memory foam from TED here. Top mattresses are significantly cheaper than new mattresses. And with the proper care, they can work for your comfort for many years. So you can continue to use the mattress you already have while increasing your comfort in bed and keeping your back in good shape. Of course, this is not a panacea. While the top mattress aids comfort and can help with support to some extent, it does not give the sleeper the serious benefits they can get from a mattress. Mattresses are more resistant to pressure and have a longer shelf life. The body can enjoy a better comfort on a mattress rather than on a top mattress. Generally, the top mattress can make the surface more comfortable for sleep. But it will not be as effective in the long run as a new mattress with a softening layer of memory foam, latex or memory fluff. But it is for sure - if you decide to use a top mattress, make sure your mattress is not too old and ripped. If your mattress has bumps, the top mattress will probably copy the uneven surface and will not give you the right support. So the pain will probably not disappear.

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