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How to find the right mattress for you


How to shop when looking for a new mattress


You've probably searched the internet or maybe even been brave enough to visit a few mattress or furniture stores. With all kinds of mattresses, springs, latex, memory foam, bases, spirals and more, this can be quite stressful. But in fact, there has never been a better time to buy a mattress. And advances in the industry have made it easier than ever.


Basic rules for shopping mattresses


  • Do not strain or hurry. There are so many resources available.
  • Examine your sleep preferences. Make a list of how you sleep and how your partner sleeps and start from there.
  • Do not be pressured. You can visit TED BED stores to find your preferences for the firmness, type and style of your preferred mattress, but you don't need to feel pressured to buy right away.
  • Know your budget and stick to it. Prices vary, so be prepared to be firm.
  • Don't always believe everything written online. You can find a lot of information and advice from other users and customers on the Internet, but their opinion does not necessarily fit your preferences. Check your sources and compare to get the most valuable information.


What are these beds delivered in boxes that I see online?


If you've done any research online, you've certainly seen the latest trend in the mattress industry - the memory foam mattress you order online, delivered right to your front door. Our TED BED mattresses have gained a stellar reputation in recent years by providing an exceptional sleep experience mailed to customers across the country.


Why buy a mattress online?


We understand that you may have some reservations about buying a mattress that you have not been able to try on the spot in our stores. But online everything is easier. Sitting on a bed or lying on a bed in a fluorescent room for ten minutes is not a good indicator of how you will actually sleep on a mattress.


To see how a mattress will fully affect your sleep, you need to try it in your own home environment and have a full sleep experience for a few nights to really feel all the benefits of the mattress. See our offers at


How is it possible to roll up or put a mattress in a box?


Advances in memory foam technology have completely changed the production of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses such as TED BED are compressed and well sealed. They are both durable and flexible enough to be rolled, packaged and delivered safely to your home. No more dealers hanging over you as you pretend to lie comfortably on a spring mattress in the middle of a light-filled showroom.

 How to find the right mattress for you

How does the mattress keep its shape?


The numerous layers of foam we use in our TED BED mattresses are a unique combination of memory and polyurethane foam that can be rolled, compressed and sealed for easier delivery. Once you open your TED BED mattress, it immediately begins to breathe and expand into its original shape. For maximum comfort and performance, let the mattress expand for 24 hours before sleeping on it.


How long can a memory foam mattress stay wrapped?


Buying a mattress from TED BED online is a unique experience. You never have to worry about this while sitting in a showroom or warehouse. Since your mattress is custom made and shipped, you don't have to worry that the foam will lose its integrity as a result of pressing and storing for too long.


TED BED mattresses are designed and manufactured to provide complete rest and recovery with maximum support and contouring of the body. Our team works with top professionals to develop all mattresses and accessories from our wide range of products. We have different types and densities of foam to create the best combination of support and comfort.



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